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Transformational Healing Sessions

These sessions are deeply relaxing on all levels. They offer healing from an infinite field of unconditional love and compassion and are safe for everyone. 

Each session delivers precisely what you require at this moment in time, seeking to realise the highest possible level of comfort, functioning and balance of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Among many other benefits, energy work supports your body’s innate capacity to heal itself which is especially important when you are exposed to stress, anxiety or trauma.

Restoring energy patterns at the route cause of an issue also enables lasting improvement. of your well-being. You will notice positive changes at the end of the session and in the weeks after as the renewed energy integrates on all aspects of your being. 

Sessions are Offered:

  • At Wellness New Zealand, 17 Collingwood Street, Nelson

  • At Home or in Hospital

  • Remotely

See Below for Session Times and Availability

60 mins - $110 

75 mins - $129

Grief Support

Unfortunately, I am unable to accept new clients at the moment. Thank you for your understanding. 

Losing someone or something you love or value, including people, pets and relationships, can be a huge change in your life and very difficult to get through. The resulting grief is a natural response and it affects our spiritual, emotional, physical and mental well-being.  

I create a safe space for you and support you on your journey to adjust and live your new reality, and to find peace and trust again.

You already hold innate wisdom and with gentle loving guidance you will find this inner light and use it to build the foundation for hope, healing and renewed happiness.

  • Sessions are offered in the comfort of your own Home

    See Below for Session Times and Availability

    *Travel costs included for Nelson/Atawhai/Stoke/Richmond area. Additional costs for travel outside these areas might occur.

Animal Healing Session

Animals are part of our family and often we love and care for them just as much as we would for our human family members. In return they give us love, happiness, comfort, and even peace in our lives. So, when they suffer or struggle we naturally want to support and help them.

With this safe and gentle therapy I create a calm meditative space, connect with the heart of your animal, and send healing energy to it. 

Consider these sessions especially for animals who are stressed, anxious or grieving, for those needing extra support and healing post surgery or trauma, for older animals and those nearing death. In a deeply relaxed state, all of their systems relax and can function optimally, including their immune system. They will cope better, recover quicker, and be more at ease in themselves.

See Below for Session Times and Availability

  • Remote Sessions Small and Medium Size Pets:

30 mins - $50 

  • Larger Animals:

Please send me a message with details about your animal for a quote.

If you face financial hardship please let me know. I don't want you to experience even more stress by feeling that your animal companion is missing out. 

Session Times and Availability

Transformational Healing Session

Therapy Room Availability:

  • Friday and Saturday:

  • 10:00h - 18:00h* 

*Earlier or later times may be available, Please enquire.

Home or Hospital Visit Availability:

  • Flexible Days and Hours.

    Please Enquire.

Remote Session Availability:

  • Flexible Days and Hours.

    Please Enquire. 

Shorter Sessions in Person or Remote:

These may be available for specific concerns, i.e. pre or post surgery, acute distress, before important meetings, etc.                 

  • Flexible Days and Hours,

    Please Enquire. 

Grief Support

Home Visit Availability:

  • Flexible Days and Hours.

    Currently not available. 

Animal Healing Session

Remote Session Availability:

  • Flexible Days and Hours.

    Please Enquire. 

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